UMMMMmmmmm Hi everyone. This post reminded me to blog. #Dogsinfancydress MY FAVOURITE THING EVER! I mean, look at them! (cats are pretty cute too). 

These photographs of kittens and pups are a century old, but their humor and appeal is timeless. Photographer Harry Whittier Frees, born in 1879, began a career in cute-animal photography in 1906, building out a small studio to produce postcards, calendars, and children’s books. collection of Frees’s work from June of 1914, and just had to share. The LOLcat is not a new phenomenon. via: theatlantic

Several years back, This American Life’s Ira Glass gave an incredible interview with that instantly went viral. 

Daniel Sax created this fantastic rendition of Ira Glass’s inspirational words that’s sure to get your creative juices pumping. 

In a Creative Slump? Watch This

via Visual News thanks photojojo